Pack OVER RANGE Malossi TMAX 560 / 530

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Here is the complete Malossi OverRange variator pack for TMAX 530 and 560 from 2017 to 2024! The most advanced variation solution for your TMAX.


- MHR Next variator
- Against pulley
- Torque corrector
- Green spring
- Pebbles 12g and 13g
- Guides
- Torsion controller

This new system centered on the Multivar MHR Next variator which, mounted with the other parts, allows truly unique performances to be achieved!

The torque driver (mobile pulley) has a larger diameter compared to the original pulley and very cutting-edge technological characteristics which allow a greater transmission ratio range compared to the original pulley.

Malossi technicians have also taken care of the smallest details in the creation of this pulley, using special materials and a special type of thermochemical treatment which ensures very high resistance to wear and abrasion, as well as considerable surface hardness.

To fully exploit the range of the new torque correction unit and the powers available today on competition vehicles, the new Malossi XK Belt MHR toothed belt has been introduced, with the aim of ensuring maximum performance in all conditions. Operating.

In addition to the OVER RANGE comes the fixed semi-pulley, worked with diamonds on the excursion surface of the belt and with the angle recalculated in order to subsequently increase the change range.

The torsion controller completes the OVER RANGE system.


TMAX 530 (17-19)

TMAX 560 (20-21)
TMAX 560 (22-24)

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