IPONE engine oil for TMAX

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The TMAX has a wet clutch, so scooter oil should be avoided . So let's go get some motorcycle oil for your TMAX!

R4000 RS is a high-end semi-synthetic lubricant which is recommended by ALOISI2ROUES for TMAXs.

We use this oil in the A2R store for all oil changes!

It offers high shear resistance, ensures optimal lubrication and provides optimal protection and engine longevity. It deposits a film of oil on the upper parts of the engine, including when cold or with the engine stopped, thanks to the magnetic properties of the esters which prevents the oil from falling completely back into the engine oil pan.
Compatible with catalytic converters;
Compliant with JASO MA2 API SM standards, it offers the best level of friction to guarantee perfect clutch operation when starting, accelerating and at maximum speed.

Bottle capacity: 1 liter

Quantity required (draining with oil filter replacement) : 2.9 liters or 3 cans

Oil is the blood of your engine, it is essential! Over the miles, the oil accumulates dirt and becomes less and less effective.
So if you are approaching the mileage limit recommended by the manufacturer, or it has been almost a year since the oil was changed, it is time to change the oil.

INSTRUCTIONS for draining (look)


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