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Malossi presents the "Super TMAX", a complete revisitation which increases the displacement to 560.

Made In Italy.



Bore: Ø 70 mm
Stroke: 73 mm
Displacement: 560 cc
Compression ratio: 1:12
Maximum power at 7800 rpm
Split monolithic cylinder in special aluminum-silicon-copper alloy, improved and stabilized.
Cermetal (ni-ca-sil) liner worked with extreme precision on the latest generation CNC.
Cross grinding at 110/130°
Forged pistons Ø 70, pin 16 with 3 segments, in special aluminum alloy (copper-silicon), enhanced, profiled crown with valve impressions, racing design, reinforced and lightened at constant thickness.
Segments nr. 3:
1° Compression in chrome steel,
2° Phosphated steel scraper,
3° Made of chrome steel with spring.
Power increase of over 15%.
Extreme reliability.
Technology made in Italy.
Entirely planned and produced in our establishments in Calderara di Reno.
Monitoring of each phase of production, from project to production, by Malossi technicians like all products that bear the Malossi brand.

The 2-cylinder monobloc with a dry and clean design created by Yamaha was customized by Malossi in depth through developments which allowed an increase in the bore without compromising the mechanical and thermal balance of the original.

Very special was the creation of the pistons, forged in a special alloy and designed to withstand the stress of long-distance use.

Nothing has been left to chance, from the seals to the super attached bi-conical steel piston pin and the chrome and nitrided steel spring ring.

Each element is a valuable contribution to making this thermal group truly exclusive: a product for a refined and competent clientele!


TMAX 530 (12-14)
TMAX 530 (15-16)
TMAX 530 (17-19)

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